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Except of the cash cows in the sector, the key to sustain profitability is focusing in on the targeted persona

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Over 20 percent of the world's population is working independently. This figure is over 30 percent in the U.S.

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Regardless, if the Startup went through incubator phase or managed by accelerators:

In between Checkbook Angels, Capital A Angels and Superangels; Micromanagers and Professionals only invest in their core business. 
Strategic or Corporate VCs only invest in their core business.  


Non-Corporate VCs invest in 1/400 of the startups they receive.
Angels invest 1/40.


As Hexagon Strategic we are partnering with Capital Providers with which our key resources such as; sectoral expertise, managerial expertise, startup expertise, global network and others add value to theirs' and increasing the investment chances of the profitable startups outside of their core businesses.

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Except of the cash cows in the sector, the key to sustain profitability is focusing in on the targeted persona (key customer segment) by the created value from the key resources of the consulting firm in today's global consultancy landscape. 

Enhancing the expertise in few categories and narrowing the targeted customer segment is a winner business model in terms of competitive strategy. Besides, less exposure to competiton allows higher service rates and close relationships with clients. 

Scenario No1:
After such hard work now your company is settled in the market, you have valuable and trust based relationships with your clients, now comes the Stage B of growth. 

By serving the same client base, you are thinking whether to invest in HR for horizontal growth in order to add new resources to your business model so that you can either deepen or widen your service line and open doors for new revenue streams or, partnering with another consultancy firm to differentiate your service offerings to open doors for new revenue streams, however your client base is your foundation and the other consultancy firm may most likely become one of your competitors in the near future by serving your client base.     

So, if you are one of those successful consultancy firms looking for strategic ways of growth without taking the risk of further investment or without risking to create a competitor by your own hands; 

Hexagon Strategic makes this growth possible. By benefiting from the technical expertise and global network of another company which will not become your competitor or penetrate into your market, you are able to deepen or widen your service line and create new revenue streams.

Scenario No2:
You are a consultancy firm who is highly successful in your specific expertise, after such hard work you grabbed a fair share of the total of your addressable market however you still can benefit from more revenues within your current functional processes but looking for cross-border market reach without taking a blind investment risk. 

If you are an actor of one of these scenarios and would like to explore business opportunities with Hexagon Strategic, please fill in the PAC Program

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Over 20 percent of the world's population is working independently. This figure is over 30 percent in the U.S., highest population of independent workers are consisted of consultants and advisors.

For Millenials and Generation Y, the lower chances of excelling in a highly competitive corporate environment compared to creating their own chances, are pushing technically skilled, highly educated and talented individuals to work independently in order to generate their income. Their desire for freedom and vast amount of available e-learning sources together with moocs and freelance working platforms are making this change possible. 

On the other hand, X'ers and Baby Boomers as Independent Advisors, Consultants whom are over skilled, over experienced yet time to time fall short in terms of answering the needs of digitized corporate environments, choosing to work independently or already have their business established.

You are a highly skilled, experienced former sector professional or a former consultant/advisor of a corporation. After years and years of hard work you have built such a valuable expertise and network in your core business/service area, you are successfully serving your clients, yet the global business environment is struck by disruptive digitization and this is causing a competitiveness in terms of digital presence. 

The better digitally presented personal profiles, the better the marketing materials or the ideation of service providing in digital age is opening a gap in between you and your potential clients. You have the skills, the knowledge, techniques, proven records in your expertise area, yet just because you cannot present them in digital ways, or offer solutions in digital ways, the gap widens.

To solve this problem, working with one or two talented young individuals is an option, however it may not be feasible, you may not be desiring to ''Run a business'' after years of hard work. You just might be an enthusiast, enjoying the work. Or, you might have owned your own companies for years and now you neither fit in a corporate environment nor willing to invest in a new venture. Getting freelance workers do the job is another option but this doesn't offer you a foundation. For instance you invested an amount and now you have your webpage, electronic and printed marketing materials/presentations, however each work for each new client will require some sort of digitized, innovative materials or even systems. As a result, even though you have mastered your work in years and having the network and a pool of clients available, you still seem to be fallen behind and this position based situation affecting your core competencies, even making you seem less competent in your strongest areas.

If you think you somehow fit into above scenario, please fill in the PAC Program contact form to explore business opportunities with Hexagon Strategic.

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