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Digital Burnout

Recent reports show that almost half of the working class Generation Zs are facing a #DigitalBurnout due to #HybridWork environments.

Although leaders and managers are giving their best efforts in creating #VirtualEvents to keep diverse teams connected in order to raise #TheSenseOfBelonging to the corporations; nothing seems to reach the value of #HumanInteraction and #GettingTogetherInPerson as working class Generation Zs are highly concerned about facing #NetworkingIssues in the early stages of their career.

On the other hand, majority of people including Millenials and Xers do not feel the same excitement and/or willingness in joining #VirtualEvents whether as an audience or a performer as they do in real life.

If our solutions will fall short to uplift, especially; #TheSenseOfAchievement , these issues probably will create the most common #WorkRelatedPsychologicalIssues of late 2020s on individual levels.

Are we going to be able to solve beforehand, or will we be have to #Treat ?


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