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Towards a Healthier Planet

Funds will be massively flowing to #ClimateTech this time towards energy storage, building efficiency and cleaner industrial processes with cross involvement of SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production. Especially new targeted standards of Building Efficiency (can be found through following links: un.org , unece.org , wri.org ) gave birth to feasible new emission cutting ideas such as #UrbanMining which is leading us to more developed sub sectors. Currently buildings consume apprx. 30% of global energy and 25% to compare with global human induced CO2 emissions. New business models in #Deconstructionlndustry not only aim to demolish the old and build a new #HighPerformanceBuilding but to reuse the deconstructed materials till the end of their lifecycles. The more we use data, analytics and our positive intelligence the smarter we go.


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