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Underneath the Iceberg

Asset and Wealth Management #AWM Industry's stable growth in the recent years is going to receive a good pump through the mid 2020s due to the tension brought on #WealthPreserving by Covid and Digitization. In the last years we have both surprisingly and not surprisingly (due to the economical earthquakes) seen Pension Funds involved in VCs to fund Startups in order to survive. This move caused a big wake up moment to the service providers of Finance Industry. Corporate Venture Capital #CVC and New Venture Creation or Venture Building were not the terms we have been used to not so long ago. Mega Corporations trying to involve in ventures outside but close to their core businesses while at the same time trying to #Innovate; in which we face the understandable unwillingness from their teams. Although almost everyone got used to investing and holding crypto assets; many of us are soon to realize the difference between #IncomeReceivable and #IncomeReceived and how it affects our spending habits. The future increased share of Pension Assets, Insurance Companies and even HNWI in AWM industry is a straight forward indication of the pressure in Wealth Preserving which seems to be one of the key challenges of the aging workforce and retired individuals. The people that have been leading their lives around the ''Old paradigm of living'' which have been ''Linear Life Expectancy'': Study, Graduate, Find a Job, Get Married, Have Children, Save, Retire, Die. #Gerontology are the ones that are the most prone to struggle. Wishing that, Life long #FinancialWellness and old-age #IncomePoverty to be solved whether centrally or decentrally; governmentally or non-governmentally before people suffer.

*Beautifully made Iceberg render belongs to SIMON LEE, unsplash


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